The Estelle Ecosystem®
Your Assurance Of Real Peace Of Mind

The Estelle Ecosystem®  is what sets us apart from all other frameless shower screen companies in Australia. We are the only installers who are members of a single organisation, who are hand picked, screened and licensed, and who have a solid 7-year long reputation that is second to none. When you select a member of the Estelle Ecosystem® to install your new frameless shower screen you have the confidence and peace of mind in knowing that you will receive 5 star quality and 5 star service.

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Hand Picked

Estelle Ecosystem® members are individually selected by Estelle® to join our group based on their excellence in workmanship and customer service. They all have outstanding reputations and over the past decade have become well known to us at Estelle® for their professionalism.


Each member (installer) must meet strict operational-ethical-customer service standards enforced by Estelle® before we agree to support them and allow them to make use of our reputation (which is the result of almost two decades as Australia's Premium Frameless Shower Hardware designer-manufacturer-supplier).

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How It Works


When you create your new frameless shower screen using Select-A-Quote® your selections are automatically sent to our city wide Estelle Ecosystem®. They instantly present you with their quotes to supply and install and you are then able to make your selection in private without any annoying sales people walking through your home or constantly calling you. Once you have selected your preferred Ecosystem member simply complete the order at Checkout and the installer will contact you.

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Polite & Courteous

You will really enjoy the Estelle Experience in having a highly experienced professional installer take care of all of the details of your new frameless shower. Estelle Ecosystem® members are punctual, polite and clean up after themselves. They come to your home to confirm the exact dimensions of the shower space and then later, in a single day will install the glass and Estelle® fixtures to totally transform your bathroom

Guaranteed Quality

Estelle Ecosystem® members specialise in the Estelle® range of fixtures which add value and long-term reliability to your frameless shower screen. The Estelle® design team develops each product in-house before it is made and tested at the Estelle® Manufacturing & Quality Control facility. All Estelle® products have a Lifetime Guarantee.