Terms and Conditions

Estelle Select -A- Quote


Estelle Select-a Quote connects the purchaser with their selected installer for a fixed price via the Select-a-Quote online portal.


Who are the parties in this transaction?

Estelle Select-a-Quote is a web based opportunity to purchase an installed shower screen from a selection of licenced Eco-System companies.

The Eco-System refers to an organisation incorporating licensed companies that provide online quotes for supply and installation of made to measure frameless shower screens from the Estelle Select-A-Quote portal. 

The suppliers are all licensed and selected by leading hardware brand “Estelle Pty Ltd” as qualified frameless shower screen installers of the Estelle Brand.

Estelle Pty Ltd provides membership for Eco-System licensed companies. Only Licensed Eco-System companies selected by Estelle Pty Ltd (to be known as the “Supplier” within this document) are members of the site.

Select-A-Quote Pty Ltd, 2/10 Eddie Road, Minchinbury NSW 2770, ABN 40 612 010 312 - Trading as Estelle Select a Quote owns and manages the website and is responsible for the receipt of the initial payment (deposit).


Explanation of how the transaction occurs.

The website and receipt of the initial payment (deposit) is managed by Select a Quote Pty Ltd and held on the purchaser’s behalf.

A representative from the “Eco-System licensed company chosen” (the Supplier) will attend the premises by arrangement to conduct a final face to face “check measure”. During this meeting, you will have opportunity to make any final queries or inquiries before a purchase agreement will be presented to you. Once signed this agreement is final and binding. The shower screen will be custom made to order and fully installed by the Supplier.

In the event of the portal miscalculating the price OR if the sizes entered into the portal do NOT match the actual worksite, the supplier has the right to offer the correct price for consideration. In this event and before signing the purchase agreement, both parties have the right to opt out, thus the deposit is 100% fully refundable.

Prior to the purchase agreement being signed, the purchaser can opt out and the deposit is 100% refundable.

Prior to a purchase agreement being signed, the supplier can opt out and the deposit is 100% refundable.

Upon signing the purchase agreement the deposit being held by Select a Quote is released to the supplier on behalf of the purchaser for future use by the supplier in the sourcing of customised glass, hardware and installation of the shower screen.

The purchase agreement provided by the supplier will include the exclusive terms and conditions applicable to that specific supplier. Although the terms and conditions of licensed Eco-System companies within this portal are simular, Select a Quote Pty Ltd advises the purchaser to carefully read the terms and conditions written on the purchase agreement at the time of check measure to ensure they agree to them before signing.

Select a Quote Pty Ltd releases the deposit to the supplier after the purchase agreement is signed by the purchaser at such time there is no refund of the deposit.

Once the purchase agreement is signed Select a Quote Pty Ltd trading as Estelle Select a Quote is removed from any and all transaction processes and has no further responsibility or involvement. The purchase agreement between the two (2) parties will be binding.

In the event of a dispute the purchaser and/or the supplier shall refer to the terms and conditions within the signed purchase agreement to resolve it. Select a Quote Pty Ltd trading as Estelle Select a Quote is not party to the purchase agreement and is not empowered to any resolve.

The remaining balance being 90% of the purchase price is immediately due upon completion of the installation. That payment is required to be paid, directly to the installer on site, prior to the installer leaving the site. Acceptable payment methods will be noted on the purchase agreement.



All warranty claims for faulty workmanship, parts or accessories should be directed to the supplier which was chosen by you.


Returns and refunds.

Prior to the purchase agreement being signed with the supplier, the purchaser can opt out and the deposit is 100% refundable.

Prior to a purchase agreement being signed the supplier can opt out and the deposit is 100% refundable.

Once the purchase agreement is signed no refunds or returns will be given.

In the event that either the purchaser or the supplier opts out prior to the signing of the purchase agreement, the purchaser can contact Select-a-Quote at accounts@estelle.com.au , quoting the order reference details for a full refund.



Feedback both positive and negative is valued. Any comments or suggestions can be made in the Estelle Select-a-Quote portal by using the “review” feature. Please note feedback is monitored only and no responses are made unless specifically requested.


Further to privacy raised previous in the terms and conditions

Eco-System licensed companies also collect information such as your name, address, phone number and e-mail address in order to facilitate the processing of and installation of your shower screen. These companies sign an understanding not to sell or divulge your information to a third party.